Patent Pool for the RF-Free Dip Technology

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Characteristics of the Technology

Visit for further information about the RF-Free Dip Technology or if you want to get a sample with the new dip.

We will provide you with details regarding the characteristics of the the RF-Free Dip Technology after conclusion of an NDA.

Licensing Model & Benefits

The RF-Free Dip Technology, including a supportive guideline for the dip preparation and the conversion process, will be shared with textile suppliers and tire manufacturers via a royalty free pool licensing concept. All pool members can benefit from a unified eco-friendly dip technology thereby reducing overall complexity and the need of approving endless variants of different individual solutions.

License Grants

Puzzle IconThe pool members offer each interested company a royalty-free license to the patent portfolio which is non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable but gives the licensee the right to grant sub-licenses to its affiliates. The pool members are not obliged to provide reports regarding their utilization of the license. Furthermore, there are no marking requirements regarding products covered by the licensed patents.

Gears IconThe license is granted to converters (for the production of the dip) and manufacturers (for the implementation of the dip and textile reinforcements coated with such a dip in its products).

Cubes IconIn return to the royalty-free license granted under the pool, all pool members license back their respective patented improvements of the RF-Free Dip Technology to all other pool members on a royalty free basis. This applies exclusively to those improvements which are necessarily used when implementing the RF-Free Dip Technology in products or using the respective methods (so-called essential improvements).

Bars IconThe back-license shall help to further develop the technology while reducing the risk that its improvements can be used to block the pool members.

Further Details

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Patent Portfolio

Patent Portfolio

So far, the patent portfolio of the pool members regarding the RF-Free Dip Technology comprises eight patent families.

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Pool members are free to terminate their membership in the pool – and therefore the granted license – at any time. Only patented essential improvements filed by the pool members during the time of their membership are covered by their obligation to license back.

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Administration & Fees

Administration & Fees

The pool will be administrated by AdvInno as an independent intellectual property consulting firm specialized in managing IP portfolios. Each pool member only carries the costs for its own participation in the pool.


Visit for further information about the RF-Free Dip Technology or if you want to get a sample with the new dip.
If you have any questions about the pool licensing program or if your company is interested in joining the pool get in touch with us. E-Mail us at or fill out this form to let us know who you are.

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